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Sound It Out: We Simplify Audio Excellence

Everyone knows what professional-grade audio sounds like. The pulse pounding bass, the expansive feel of multichannel stereo. That sensation of being in the action. These results are more than a collection of components wired together. It takes design experience and an understanding of the nuances each product offers. There is a stunning array of home theater options on the market today. Everything from systems-in-a-box, to top-of-the-line commercial-grade components. Sorting through these options can be confusing, and the best solution is not always the most expensive. This is where Simplicity takes over. With 23 years of experience selecting, purchasing, installing, and servicing high-end theater and automation systems. Simplicity has seen it all. We work with a select group of vendors culled from all that modern technology has to offer. For every home automation system, there is a unique combination of components that will deliver optimum performance. It's simple, when you know what your doing.

 At Simplicity if you can imagine it we can build it.


New Construction or Retrofit

Simplicity founder Dusty Wood got his start at age 15, installing car audio systems in the garage of his parent's home in the Colorado resort town of Pagosa Springs. Living in this isolated hamlet Dusty quickly built a reputation among the local audiophiles that translated to more serious business over time. As the region boomed visitors began to buy up property and building large resort homes and vacation get aways. Many of the home owners had elaborate home audio and theater systems in their primary residences and wanted something similar to entertain guests on vacation. Dusty was able to leverage his knowledge of car audio custom installation into a popular home theater business. Customers appreciated his attention to detail and his service after the sale. Many clients returned time and again to upgrade or expand their systems. Others sought Dusty out on recommendation or after seeing the quality of work he had done for a neighbor. Eventually Dusty hired and trained additional employees and opened a show room off of Pagosa's historic main street to handle the onrush of business. As hectic as work became, Dusty never forgot the secret to his success. Take time to listen. As a result, several of these families are Simplicity customers today.

Twenty three years later, Dusty Wood is still doing what he loves, designing custom home theater and automation systems one client at a time. A key component to his success is the marriage of high tech equipment with a straight forward customer interface. To Dusty, Simplicity is more than the name of a business. For a customer to relax and get the most out of a home theater that cusomer must be able to operate the system with ease. Tying in lighting, HVAC, sound, video, window coverings and even mechanical controls to one touch screen,  smart phone, tablet or handheld remote gives clients the confidence and flexibility they need to make the most of their system. This is what Dusty does, and it's Simplicity itself.

Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done. 



Residential or Commercial

For Simplicity Sake
Retrofit or New Construction: We'll Get You Wired!

Proper wiring is all about anticipation. Beyond home automation design and installation, Simplicity can retrofit your existing home with the latest high-tech options custom builders are putting in their model homes today.  Flush-mounted speakers can be added to any room in your home and wired to a central system. Controlling the volume and source throughout the home from a single wireless remote or touch screen that gives you almost unlimited options. Wireless surveillance cameras help you monitor the kids in the back yard or check in our your house, via the Internet, while you're away. We handle it all, from wiring, programming, and component selection, to seamless installation. More than just a collection of electronic gadgets, Simplicity custom installs integrated systems to enhance your lifestyle and dramatically increase the resale value of your home. Our in-house team of technicians and expert programmers guarantee your new system looks as good as it sounds.
Remember, quality wiring matters. Signal degradation across cheap wiring can dramatically affect the performance of audio and video and communications components. Simplicity installs only the finest-grade audio, video cables and electronic wiring. Because sometimes, in home automation, it's what you don't see that matters the most.

 Building a new home? Let Simplicity be your home automation partner. We can work with your builder or general contractor to design and install a network, automation, home theater, lighting, audio/video, alarm, or surveillance system that is uniquely yours.

 At Simplicity  if you can imagine it we can build it. 


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